Schiffer Pál & Sipos András, movie 2000: Apaképek (Images about Fathers)

Time: 5:42

Apaképek – Images about Fathers – a Hungarian documentary film about the relationship between fathers and sons.

This is an excerpt from the film showing an interview with György Szabados.


About the film made in 2000:

“The people of our age are now in their sixties; they lived through the war and the fathers of many of them died on the front, in prisoner camps and concentration camps. Whoever survived the disaster had a broken life and could not give a real pattern of life to his children. Just at the time of our self-awareness came to end the Belle Epoque, which however seemed to be eternal, whose values originating in the 19th century still surviving so far. The cataclysms of the 1940s erased them totally. We grew up following a new system of values and confronted our fathers as such. Our film evokes such statements, which throw light on a considerable hiatus in the life of our generation.”


color, Hungarian documentary
directed (rendező) by: Schiffer Pál & Sipos András 

Year: 2000 / 60 minutes

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