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Artists who inspired Szabados

related_items  Ady Endre
Bartók Béla
Bátari László
Bicskei Zoltán
Fejes László
related_items  Hamvas Béla

related_items  Juhász Ferenc
  Kodolányi Gyula
related_items  Kurosawa Akira
related_items  Liszt Ferenc
related_items  Lutosławski Witold
related_items  Markó Iván

related_items  Nadj Josef
  Sík Sándor
related_items  Shostakovich Dmitri
related_items  Stravinsky Igor
related_items  Tolnai Ottó

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Bognár Ferenc (Hungarian Forum Moderator / provider of information)

Noglik Bert (provider of user rights for the publication of his texts about Szabados)

Molnár Csaba (technical support of the website, edition of Hungarian texts)

Olschok Gunda (proofreader of German translations)

Szabados György Society (Bognár Ferenc, Csaba Molnár, Polai György, Ráduly Mihály, Szabados Judit)

Szabados Judit (patronage, copy right’s owner)

Tharan Marianne (translations) 

Turi Gábor (provider of user rights for the publication of his texts about Szabados)

Zomboracz Tibor (my late friend who put me on the path to the music of György Szabados in 1981 and to whose memory I dedicate this website)

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