David Kweksilber 

born 1973

Dutch reed player, playing mostly classical and jazz music

David Kweksilber studied saxophone with Leo van Oostrom and clarinet with Pierre Woudenberg at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, wher he graduated with distinction in 2000. He continued his studies in clarinet with Charles Neidich in New York, and also took privat lessons there from various jazz musicians.

He performs as a soloist and in ensembles varying from the Ebony Band to the New Cool Collective Big Band and his duo with pianist/composer Guus Janssen.

David has received prizes for his classical playing as well as for his musicianship in improvised music.

He has been heard as a classical and jazz soloist in Europe, Russia, Vietnam and the United States of America. Maarten Altena, Gilius van Bergeijk and Guus Janssen have all written solo (bass) clarinet works for him.

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

Member of

  2004: György Szabados Carte Blanche (Szabados György –David Kweksilber – Oene van Geel Trio)


playing with:

David Kweksilber Big Band 



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