Gőz László 

born Budapest, 1954. szeptember 22.

Hungarian jazz musician, music teacher at the academy, music producer. Founder of the Budapest Music Center – Music Information Centre in 1996, which in 2013 has grown into a cultural center. In 1998, he established the BMC Records label. Produced dozens of Hungarian classical, contemporary and jazz album.

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

GSPA2007F2007, November 4-6, producer of CD: “Bells / The land of Boldogasszony – Boldogasszony földje / Harangok“, released 2008

szabadosleandreborito2010, September 10, producer of CD: “György Szabados/Joëlle Léandre: Live at Magyarkakanizsa“, released 2011


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