Jávorka Ádám

Hungarian viola player


Ádám Jávorka: after finishing his violastudies at the music conservatorie and jazz music school, from 1990 Adam Javorka started playing in different symphonic and chamber orchestras, jazz groups (Hungarian RTV., Youth Orchestra, Erno Dohnanyi Symphonic Orchestra, Marcato Ensemble, Juventutis Symphonic Orchestra, Hun­garian Radio Electroaccustic Orchestra). At the same time he was playing with many improvisation groups and contemporary dance groups from Hungary and many other countries (Balvanyos Ensemble, Agens Production, Li Dance Lab, Makuz). Since the 90’s he has made many electronical projects with sampler: live perfor­mances, and CD-s, in Hungary and in Europe too (Belleview Digital, Place Moscou Minimal). In 1999 he founded the Belleview Studio, where he composed many film, TV and theatre music. These days he is continually on tour with differ­ent musicians and contemporary dancers in Europe and in the USA. He has been playing together with the New Dimension Workshop since 2004.

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

Member of

  2003-2007: New Dimension Workshop

Cover_Front   audio info liner_notes   2004: Ikonofónia

GSP2005F  audio info liner_notes  2005: Elégia 1956 (Elegy 1956)

  2005: György Szabados composition: “Ceremony music in honour of our King, the Sun (Szertartászene királyunk, a Nap tiszteletére)”

  2005-06: György Szabados & MAKUZ – Part 2 


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