KRÉM Label, Budapest

Hungarian record label – brand of the Hungaroton Label used for Jazz Music releases from the early 80th  

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

GSPA1981F  audio info  1981: Debreceni Dzsessznapok ’81 – (Sampler LP with one Szabados track included, released 1982  with No.: Hungaroton-Krém – SPLX 17706“)

GSP1983LPF-2  audio info liner_notes  1982: Szabados – Adyton – (LP release 1983 with No.: Krém – SPLX 17727)

GSP1985-2LPF  audio info liner_notes  1984: Szabraxtondos – (LP released 1985 with No.: Krém SLPX 17909)

GSP1985LPF  audio info liner_notes  1985: A szarvassá vált fiak (The Sons Turned into Stags) – (LP release 1989 with No.: Krém SLPX 37215, released 1999 again as remaster on Copyright of Hungaroton-Krem Label on Double CD: “CD1: The Secret History of the Events / Az események titkos története CD2: The Sons Turned into Stags / A szarvassá vált fiak (1985) – Fonó Records FA-068-2




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