Mihály Ráduly

Hungarian saxophonist

born 25.01.1944, Budapest

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

Member of

related_items  1969-70: György Szabados – Ráduly Mihály – Friedrich Károly – Jákó Balázs – Kunos Ferenc – Debreczeni Csaba Sextet

related_items  1972: György Szabados – Jávori Vilmos – Kimmel „Apó” László – Ráduly Mihály – Vajda Sándor Quintet

related_items 1972-73: György Szabados – Kimmel „Apó” László – Ráduly Mihály – Lajos Kathy-Horváth – Vajda Sándor – Jávori Vilmos Sextet

GSPA1973F   audio info liner_notes  1973: Szabados Szextett – Baltás zsoltár (Axe Psalm)  

related_items  1973: Szabados György – Kimmel „Apó” László – Ráduly Mihály – Friedrich Károly – Kathy-Horváth Lajos jr. – Vajda Sándor – Vilmos Jávori Septet


Playing with: 

  • Aladar Pege Quartet

  • Syrius   (Hungarian rock band, operating in the 60 and 70. Syrius was founded in 1962 by Zsolt Baronits. The group performed dance music and pop-rock. After the breakup and reorganization began to play typical jazz rock and prog rock.)

  • Václav Zahradník And His East All Stars Band

  • Václav Zahradník Big Band


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