Kathy-Horváth Lajos jr.

Hungarian violonist

Lajos Kathy Horváth was born (29.06.1952, Budapest) into a musical family, and started playing jazz very early, at the end of the 1960s.
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He played in duo with György Szabados from the early 1970s and at the same time with perfecting his improvisational abilities he immersed himself in contemporary music. In 1973 he and Szabados won an award at the San Sebastian Jazz Festival. He was a member of important jazz formations of the time, among them the band Rákfogó with Béla Szakcsi Lakatos and Gyula Babos. From 1975 to 1990 Lajos Kathy-Horváth lived abroad. György Cziffra invited him to play in Paris, where he soon became a student of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. After winning the Bartók Violin Competition of the institute, Menuhin selected him as his assistant and he taught and performed in this position for a number of years. After the political changes in Hungary he returned home, and has been composing and playing in different formations in his native country ever since. Besides the great jazz artists his main influences have been Béla Bartók, Igor Stravinsky, and Arnold Schönberg. In 2005 Kathy Horváth received the Officer’s Cross Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary for the recording of his great orchestral pieces ‘Alpha and Omega’ and ‘Gypsies in Holocaust”, the uniqueness of which is that the composer plays each and every instrument himself.

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

Member of

  1972-73: Szabados György – Kimmel „Apó” László – Ráduly Mihály – Kathy-Horváth Lajos jr. – Vajda Sándor – Vilmos Jávori  Sextet

GSPA1973F  audio info liner_notes  1973: Szabados Szextett – Baltás zsoltár (Axe Psalm)

  1973: Szabados György – Kimmel „Apó” László – Ráduly Mihály – Friedrich Károly – Kathy-Horváth Lajos jr. – Vajda Sándor – Vilmos Jávori Septet

  1973: Szabados György – Kathy-Horváth Lajos Jr. – Kunos Ferenc – Jávori Vilmos Quartet

  1974: Szabados György – Vajda Sándor – Kőszegi Imre – Kathy-Horváth Lajos jr. Quartet

GSPA1975F  audio info liner_notes  1974: Az esküvő (The Wedding)
audio info liner_notes  1964; 1974; 1981; 1982: Hungarian Jazz History 8 – György Szabados

  1974: Szabados György – Kimmel „Apó” László (?) – Kathy-Horváth Lajos jr. – Vajda Sándor – Kőszegi Imre Quintet

  1974-76: Szabados György – Kathy-Horváth Lajos jr. – Faragó Antal – Vajda Sándor Quartet 

GSP1976F_ALT3  audio info  1976: Bratislavské Dzezové Dni 1976

  1974–78 & 1985 & 1997: Szabados György – Kathy-Horváth Lajos jr. Duo

Ráduly Mihály interjúsorozata

news_hu   Budapest, 2017. május 30.Ráduly Mihály beszélget Kathy Horváth Lajossal – “Korszakalkotó vezéregyéniség volt, … magyar, magyar ősgyökér kortárs zenét játszott.

Szabados volt az egyetlen, aki végig hűséges maradt az eszméjéhez és ahhoz a zenéhez, ami őt tükrözte, az ő lelkét, se balra, se jobbra nem ment el. 


Playing with: 

  • Rákfogó with Béla Szakcsi Lakatos and Gyula Babos
  • Mihály Raduly
  • György Vukan
  • playing pieces of Béla Bartók, Igor Stravinsky, and Arnold Schönberg


JFN30LH  Note in Jazz Forum No. 30 published 1974

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