Dr. Bert Noglik

German music critic, Jazz journalist

born 20. Mai 1948 in Leipzig

From 1992 to 2007 artistic director of “Leipziger Jazztage
From 2012 to 2014 artistic director of “Berlin Jazz Festival

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

  Review: Bert Noglik about Concert in East Berlin 11 -13 June 1982 – Published ( Jazz Forum No.78 – 1982)

  Review: Bert Noglik about Debrecen Jazzdays 1983, published Jazz Podium Oktober 1983

GSPA1985F  audio info liner_notes  1984: Szabraxtondos – (wrote LINER NOTES for LP, released 1985)

  Forgotten Songs – Szabados György Portrait – Bert Noglik [In: Jazz, Switzerland 6/85]

  Bert Noglik: program booklet of “Berlin Jazzfestival 1987” (page Szabados)

  Review: Bert Noglik about Debrecen Jazz Days 88, published Jazz Forum No. 115, published 1988

  Publikation: 1990: Noglik, Bert: “Klangspuren – Wege improvisierter Musik” with long article about György Szabados.

between 1992, 23 October and 1992, 08 November at “KONSTANZER JAZZHERBST 1992″, Konstanz (DE). It was supposed to enter into a conversation between György Szabados and Bert Noglik. Unfortunately, Görgy Szabados could not travel. Bert Noglik held a lecture on him with musical examples.






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