Hungaroton Studios, Budapest

Hungarian recording studios (formely “Qualiton Studios in the 1960’s.)

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

GSPA1964F1964 03 18: Recording of track “B-A-C-H Impressions / B-A-C-H elmenyek” released 1964 on the LP Compilation “Modern Jazz Anthology 64” on “Qualiton Label“, (then still “Qualiton Studios)

GSPA1975LPF1974 05 20-25: Recording of the LP: “Az esküvő (The Wedding)” realeased 1975 on “Hungaroton Label
GSPA1974FA Digitalisation on 2001 released remastered CD Compilation: “
Hungarian Jazz History 8.-Szabados György” – “Hungaroton Label
“: HCD 71094

GSDA2001F1998 11 19-21: Recording of the CD: “Az ido múlása (Time Flies)” realeased 2000 on “November Music Production Label” : NVR 2002-2  


Other recordings: 


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