The Academy Soloists Chamber Orchestra / Akadémiai Szólisták Kamarazenekara

Hungarian Chamber Orchestra

Chamber executive director: Kőrös Zoltán Csaba 
Artistic director: Szabadi Vilmos

The Academy Soloists Orchestra was founded in 1995 by talented graduates of the famous Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. The musical director is Vilmos Szabadi, international violin soloist.

The musical talents and technical skills of these young musicians enable each and every one of them to pursue a solo career, hence the name: Academy Soloists. The numerous prizes won by the members at various competitions include:
– Flesh Violin Competition 1-st prize
– Zathureczky Violin Competition 2-nd prize, special prize
– Weiner Chamber music competition 1-st prize
– Lukács Viola competition 2-nd prize
– Koncz Violin competition -special prize

They chose to complete their individual activities by intensive team work in this ensemble. During its fair­ly short existence, the orchestra has already given sussesful concerts. They have also been invited to several European countries, such as Switzerland and Finland. The repertoire of the ensamble ranges from Baroque to contemporary music.

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

Member of

  1997: György Szabados – String Orchestra Compositions

GSA1997F   audio info liner_notes  1997: Idő-zene (az Akadémiai Szólisták Kamarazenekarával)



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