National Cultural Fund of Hungary (Nemzeti Kulturális Alap)

The National Cultural Fund of Hungary became the supreme institution responsible for funding cultural life in and outside Hungary during the past 20 years.

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

GSA1992B1       1992 or 1994, support of CD: “Forgotten Songs / Elfelejtett énekek” released 1996

 GSA2002F2002, October 27, support of CD: “GYÖRFREE MÜHELY A MU SZINHAZBAN 2002” released 2002

 GSMD2004F2001, August 8-9, support of CD: “The Heart of Beauty / A Szepseg Szive ~ Mennyei utazas ~ (György Szabados & Miklós Mákó Duo)” released 2004

GSP2005F 2005, May 20, support of CD: “Szabados – New Dimension Workshop – Új Dimenzió Műhely” released 2006

 Bells2007, November 4-6, support of CD: “Bells / The land of Boldogasszony – Boldogasszony földje / Harangok” released 2008

 szabadosleandreborito2010, September 10, support of CD: “György Szabados/Joëlle Léandre: Live at Magyarkakanizsa” released 2011


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