Richard Robinson


Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

GSPA2007F  audio info liner_notes  2007: Boldogasszony földje (Harangok) – (Translation of LINER NOTES written by György Szabados for CD, released 2008)

szabadosleandreborito  audio info liner_notes  2010: Szabados & Léandre – Live at Magyarkanizsa – (Translation of LINER NOTES written by Bicskei Zolán for CD, released 2011)



  • Zombory, Máté: Maps of Remembrance. (L’Harmattan, Budapest, 2011).
  • Eckhardt, Mária: Franz Liszt’s oratorio Christus and the Budapest Academy of Music. (Helikon Kiadó, Budapest, 2011). (translation)
  • Csupor, István: Ceramic Folk Art of the Great Plain (Novella Kiadó, Budapest, 2010). (translation)
  • Bodor, Kata: A Hungarian View of the Vienna Secession (1897-1905). In: Nuda Veritas. Gustav Klimt and the Origins of the Vienna Secession. 1895-1905. Exhibition catalogue. (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2010). (translation)
  • Gál, Vilmos: Hungary at the World Fairs 1851-2010. (Holnap Kiadó, 2010) (translation)
  • Botticelli to Titian. Exhibition catalogue. Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2009. (language revision and proofreading).
  • Sleeve notes for BMC records (translation 2004-present)
  • Sleeve notes for the New Bartók Series for Hungaroton (translation 2007-2008)
  • Interview with János Kass, published in József Gál’s bibliography for the oeuvre of János Kass (Mozaik, 2008)
  • Thoughts on the Illustration of Books. János Kass. Published in: Szintézis, album of works by artist János Kass, (Mozaik, 2008)
  • Hungaricum – quarterly magazine for and about Hungarians outside Hungary (Alexandra, 2007, 2008) (translation)
  • Gelencsér, Gábor: Film Island: Tibor Szemző’s Music Pictures (essay) (2007) (translation, in participation with Tim Wilkinson)
  • Film screenplays, synopses, director’s concepts for Benedek Flieghauf (in collaboration with Liz Szász), and Bálint Kenyeres (translation)
  • Europoetica: International Poetry Festival. Conference programme (2007) (translation)
  • The Book of Vladimir Péter (Terc Kft, 2007) (translation)
  • Antiphonarium Ecclesiae Parochialis Urbis Kranj, critical edition. (Introduction) (Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, 2007) (language revision)
  • Picturesque Ferencváros (Ráday Könyvesház, 2006) (language revision)
  • Solymosi, Emőke: ‘Cooperation between music and arts teachers of the Visegrád countries – Innovative pedagogical methods based on Zoltán Kodály’s concept’ Conference paper for International Society for Music Education Conference, 2006. (translation)
  • MTV restructuring plan, 2006 (translation)
  • Partnership Contracts for Loyalty Expert Development (2006) (translation, FR>EN)
  • Psalmus Humanus Foundation, promotional film (2006) (translation, voice-over)
  • Conference Proceedings ‘The Holocaust in Hungary. 60 Years later: A European Perspective’ (Holocaust Memorial Center, 2004) (translation)
  • Az Áttöres Kora: Bécs és Budapest a Historizmus és Az Avantgard Között 1873-1920. [The Era of Breakthrough: Vienna and Budapest between Historicism and the Avant-garde 1873-1920.] Exhibition catalogue, Budapest History Museum (unpublished) (translation, language revision)


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