Vladimir Tarasov

Russion drummer, Composer and visual artist

born 29. Juni 1947 in Archangelsk

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

Member of

  2003: György Szabados – Anthony Braxton Duo & with Vladimir Tarasov Trio

GSDA2003F   audio info liner_notes  2003: Triotone (Braxton – Szabados – Tarasov)

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  Promoters concert video

movie_hu  Video with interviews of the musicians (with hungarian, englisch and german subtitles)


  2006: Szabados György & Vladimir Tarasov Duo



ATTO (Melodia C60-23565, Soviet Union 1986)
ATTO I “Something Has Happened Against the Marine Background”
(Document Leo Records LR 808, England 1989, Sonore Records SN001 CD, Lithuania 1995)
ATTO II “Monotypes” (Melodia C60-25693, Soviet Union 1987, Sonore Records SN002 CD, Lithuania 1995)
LITHUANIAN JAZZ 1980-90, “Monotype VIII” (Semplice SECDO14, Lithuania 2005)
ATTO III “Drumtheatre” (Melodia C60-28299009, Soviet Union 1989, Sonore Records SN003 CD, Lithuania 1994)
ATTO IV (Melodia C60-29615005, Soviet Union 1990, Sonore Records SN004 CD, Lithuania 1994)
ATTO V (Sonore Sonore Records SN005 CD, Lithuania 1993)
ATTO VI “A Little Piece for Children in Six Parts” (Sonore Records SN006 CD, Lithuania 1993)
ATTO VII “Water Music” (Sonore Records SN007 CD, Lithuania 1994
ATTO VIII “Sonore” (Sonore Records SN008 CD, Lithuania 1993)
ATTO IX “Aleatorische Music for Schlagzeug and Roulette” (Recording in Mousonturm, Frankfurt a Main, 01 September 2000)
ATTO X “Le temps du repli” (Recording in a la Chapelleü des Penitents Blancs au festival d’Avignon, 21 July 2001)
ATTO I – XI & SOUND GAMES DVD (Long Arms Records CDLA 05071-82 & Leo Records CDLR 817-828,
Russia / England 2005)
ATTO XI “Last Landscape” (fragments) Note Lithuania DVD (Music Export, Lithuania, LMIPCCD+DVD002, Lithuania 2007)
SOUND GAMES DVD (Prior Records Group, Vilnius, Lithuania 2008)
THINKING OF KHLEBNIKOV (NoBusiness Records NBCD 10, Vilnius, Lithuania 2010)

Duets with:
Vyacheslav Ganelin THREEMINUSONEEQUALSTHREE “A La Blues” (Leo Records LR 410/411, England 1988)
Vyacheslav Ganelin OPUS A 2 (Melodia C60 19651 008, Soviet Union 1983, Sonore Records SNO17 CD, Lithuania 1995)
Vladimir Chekasin ONEPLUSONEEQUALSTHREE Live in Le Mans (Leo Records LR 160, England 1989)
Andrew Cyrille GALAXIES (Music & Arts CD-672, USA 1990)
Anatoly Vapirov SKITSI Live at Leipzig, October 1989 (AVA Records 0012, Bulgaria 2000)
Alexey Kruglov DIALOGOS (SoLyd Records SLR 0403, Russia 2010)
Alexey Kruglov IN TEMPO (SoLyd Records SLR 0404, Russia 2010)
Garth Powell ETUDES (SoLyd Records SLR 0414, Russia 2012)

Performances on CD with:
Ilya Kabakov OLGA GEORGIEVNA, SOMETHING IS BURNING (Sonore Records SN011CD, Lithuania 1994)
Dmitry Prigiov KANTATOS (Sonore Records SN012 CD, Lithuania 1994)
Dmitry Prigov LAS VEGAS CONCERT November 20, 2000 (University of Nevada, USA 2001)
Little sister’s dream invention FISCHMUSIC FUR 4 PERSONEN (Chez Muziek WDR LC3363, Germany 1997)
Andrei Bitov & “Pushkin Band” THE HOUR OF SAD CHOICES (Long Arms Records & IMA-press CDLA 99025, Russia 1999)
SOUND GAMES of Vladimir Tarasov (Palace Editions, The State Russian Museum, Russia 2003)
Anatoly Belkin SWAMP GOLD (The State Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia 2004)
Kerry Shawn Keys, Dmitry Prigov, Yang Lian, Sigitas Geda SONATINA FOR PERCUSSION AND FOUR POETS
(Prior records, Vilnius, Lithuania 2006)
Vladimir Tarasov / Gerardo Beltran TANGO T; Kerry Shawn Keys, Dmitry Prigov, Artūras Valionis, Gerardo Beltran SONATINA
(Kitos Knigos, Vilnius, Lithuania 2009)

The Ganelin -Chekasin -Tarasov Trio:
JAZZ JAMBOREE – 76 “Poco a Poco”- fragment (Muza SX-1415, Poland 1977)
CON ANIMA (Melodia C60-07361-2, Soviet Union 1977, Sonore Records SN014 CD, Lithuania 1995,
Leo Records GY 15, England 2001)
TBILISI-78 “Ex libris”- fragment (Melodia C60-14319-20, Soviet Union 1980)
JAZZ BUHNE BERLIN-79 “Katalog”- fragment (Amiga 8 55 749, East Germany 1980)
LIVE IN EAST GERMANY (Leo Records LR 102, England 1980)
CONCERTO GROSSO (Melodia C60-14433-4, Soviet Union 1981, Sonore Records SNO15 CD, Lithuania 1995,
Leo Records GY 15, England 2001)
CON FUOCO Live in Moscow and West Berlin (Leo Records LR 106, England 1981)
ANCORA DA CAPO PART 1 Live in Leningrad (Leo Records LR 108, England 1982)
ANCORA DA CAPO PART 2 Live in Leningrad (Leo Records LR 109, England 1982)
POI SEGUE… (Melodia C60-17485-6, Soviet Union 1982, East Wind Records MC- 20647, USA 1986,
Sonore Records SNO16 CD, Lithuania 1995)
NON TROPPO (Enja Records 4036, Germany 1983, hat ART 2027-2LP’s, Switzerland 1985)
NEW WINE… ”Non Troppo” part 2, Used Theme “Too Close for Comfort” by J. Bock, G. Weiss & L. Holofcener
(Leo Records LR 112, England 1983)
VIDE (Leo Records LR 117, England 1983)
JAZZ-82 Vol.2 “Mack the knife” Kurt Weil (Melodia C60-19123 006, Soviet Union 1983)
STRICTLY FOR OUR FRIENDS “Poco a Poco” (Leo Records LR 120, England 1984,
Leo Records GY 13, England 2001)
CATALOGUE Live in East Germany (Leo Records LR 102, England 1984)
SEMPLICE (Melodia C60 21121 009, Soviet Union 1984, Sonore Records SNO18 CD, Lithuania 1995)
AUTUMN RHYTHMS-83 Vol 1 “Lento” (Melodia C60-21537, Soviet Union 1985)
BALTIC TRIANGLE “Poi Segue…” Live in Leningrad (Leo Records LR 125, England 1985)
CON AFFETTO “Semplice” Live in Moscow (Leo Records LR 137, England 1985,
Leo Records GY 2, England 1999)
ANCORA DA CAPO (Supraphon 1115 3014 H, Czechoslovakia 1986)
BRATISLAVA JAZZ DAYS-85 “Non Troppo” – fragment (Opus OE 5011 3115-1810-11, Czechoslovakia 1986)
TTAANGO… IN NICKELSDORF “Ritardando” (Leo Records LR 400/401, England 1986,
Leo Records GY 18/19, England 2002)
A CONCERT IN MOSCOW, with Mario Schiano (Free Records FR 00786, Italy 1986)
THREEMINUSONEEQUALSTTHREE Chekasin/Ganelin – Home Music Makin, Ganelin/Tarasov – “A La Blues”
(Leo Records LR 410/411, England 1988)
POCO A POCO (Leo Records CD LR 101, England 1988)
DOCUMENT NEW MUSIC FROM RUSSIA “New Wine” (Leo Records LR 801/808-8, England 1989
SAN FRANCISCO HOLIDAYS, with ROVA Saxophone Quartet (Leo Records CD LR 208/209, England 1992)
CATALOGUE Live in East Germany (Leo Records CD LR 102, England 1993)
ENCORES Live in Moscow, West Berlin and Leningrad (Leo Records CD LR 106, England 1994)
…OLD BOTTLES “Non Troppo”/ ”New Wine” (Leo Records CD LR 112, England 1995)
ANCORA DA CAPO (Leo Records CD LR 108, England 1997)
GOLDEN YEARS OF THE SOVIET NEW JAZZ, vol.4 (Leo Records GY 413/416, England 2003)
15-YEAR REUNION, Live at the Frankfurt Book Fair, (Leo Records CD LR 375, England 2003)
LITHUANIAN JAZZ 1929-80, Execerpts from: “Ex libris”/”Ad libitum”/”Con anima”/”Poco a poco”
(Semplice SECDO11, Lithuania 2003)
LITHUANIAN JAZZ 1980-90, Mack The Knife (Semplice SECDO14, Lithuania 2005)
FREE SPIRITS: JAZZ FROM LITHUANIA 2005, Execerpts from: “Impression” (Lithuanian Music Information and
Publishing Centre LMIPCCDO26, Lithuania 2005)

V. Tarasov with:
The Lithuanian National Symphonic Orchestra VYACHESLAV GANELIN “Velnio nuotaka”
(Melodia C60-06115-117, Soviet Union 1976)
The Lithuanian National Symphonic Orchestra THE COMPOSERS OF SOVIET LITHUANIA
(Melodia C10-18593-4, Soviet Union 1983)
The Lithuanian National Symphonic Orchestra MUSIC OF ANTANAS REKASHIUS (Melodia C10-13699-700,
Soviet Union 1983)
The Lithuanian National Symphonic Orchestra ANTANAS REKASHIUS “Symphony # 5 (Verra Records 101, USA 1985)
Hans Kumpf ON THE BALTIC TRIP (Leo Records LR 122, England 1984)
Baltic Jazz Quartet AUTUMN RHYTHMS-83 part 2 (Melodia C60-21539, Soviet Union 1985)
ROVA Saxophone Quartet SAXOPHONE DIPLOMACY (Hat Hut Records 2013, Switzerland 1985)
Mario Schiano RED & BLUE (Splasc(H) Records HP 15, Italy 1988)
Valentina Ponomareva INTRUSION (Leo Records LR 156, England 1988)
Valentina Ponomareva LIVE IN JAPAN (Leo Records CD LR 175, England 1991)
Keshavan Maslak MOTHER RUSSIA (Leo Records CD LR 177, England 1991)
Christian Muthspiel OCTET OST (Amadeo CD 513 329-2, Austria 1992)
Christian Muthspiel OCTET OST II (Amadeo CD 521 823-2, Austria 1994)
Lithuanian Art Orchestra WALZ ATTO (Sonore Records SN009 CD, Lithuania 1993)
Lithuanian Art Orchestra LITHUANIAN DIVERTISSEMENT (Recording in Hamburg, Germany,11 February 1994)
Alfred 23 Harth POPendingEYE (Free Flow Music Production ffm 0493, Germany 1993)
Alfred Harth E+C CA NaDa dry & 20 (Der Blinde Koenig MN 6510221874, Germany 1994)
Liana Issakadze und das Georgische Kammerorchester 75 JAHRE VHV (VHV 001/94, Germany 1994)
Vladimir Rezitsky HOT SOUNDS FROM THE ARCTIC (Leo Records CD LR 218, England 1994)
Vladimir Rezitsky, Vladimir Miller VLADIMIR TRIO (BAJ Records BJCD-0010, Japan 1999)
Vladimir Miller, Vitas Pilibavicius FRONTIERS (Leo Records LEO LAB CD 016, England 1995)
IMPROVIZED MUSIC FROM SOLITUDE (Animato ACD 6008-3, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany 1995)
The Lithuanian Composers Union Ensemble MUSIC OF OSVALDAS BALAKAUSKAS (33 Records 33CD003, Lithuania 1995)
Thundering Dragon Percussion Group CHINESE PROJECT (Sonore Records SN019 CD, Lithuania 1995)
Baltic Art Orchestra LIVE AT JAZZ BALTIKA FESTIVAL 1994, SALZAU (Sonore Records SN021 CD, Lithuania 1996)
Moscow Composers Orchestra AN ITALIAN LOVE AFFAIR (Leo Records LEO LAB CD 019, England 1996)
Moscow Composers Orchestra THE GIFT (Long Arms Records & IMA-press CDLA 9708, Russia 1997)
Moscow Composers Orchestra ORION CUP (Long Arms Records & IMA-press CDLA 98020, Russia 1998)
Moscow Composers Orchestra KHARMS-10 INCIDENTS (Long Arms Records & Devotio Moderna CDLA 05019, Russia 2005)
Moscow Composers Orchestra PORTRAIT OF AN IDEALIST (Leo Records CD LR 527, England 2008)
Lauren Newton, Patrick Scheyder ALTERED EGOS (Omba Records OMBA-004CD, Japan 1998)
European Music Trio (Palace Editions, The State Russian Museum, Russia 1998)
Lauren Newton, Masahiko Satoh SONATINA (BAJ Records BJCD-0009, Japan 1999)
Sainkho Namtchylak AURA (Enisai Records ESCD 9901, Austria 1999)
Cercle A Due LIVE IN GRAZ (Extraplatte EX 579-2, Austria 2004)
Anatoly Vapirov Quartet RIGHT Live at BARBICAN X-BLOC Festival in London (AVA Records 022, Bulgaria 2004)
Gaivoronsky, Kondakov, Volkov CEREMONY Live at JFC jazz club in St.Petersburg (Outline Records, Russia 2004)
Antony Braxton, Gyorgy Szabados TRIOTONE (Leo Records CD LR 416, England 2004)
Lauren Newton, Patrick Scheyder ARTESIAN SPIRITS Live in Borjomi (Leo Records CD LR 419, England 2005)
Vapirov, Donchev, Volkov QARTET Live at Varna Summer festival 2004 (AVA Records 0026, Bulgaria 2005)
Laureates of the “Birstonas” jazz festival DRUMMING (fragment) (Birstonas’ Cultural Centre 2005)
(Strange Sounds Records SSR 06014, Russia 2006)
Gaivoronsky, Kondakov, Volkov CEREMONY 2 Live at JFC jazz club in St.Petersburg (Outline Records, Russia 2008)
JONES, JONES (Larry Ochs, Vladimir Tarasov, Mark Dresser) WE ALL FEEL THE SAME WAY (SoLyd Records SLR 0396, Russia
Gaivoronsky, Kondakov, Volkov CEREMONY 3 Live at Perlov Design Center in St.Petersburg (Outline Records, Russia 2010)
Das Ensemble die Reihe KOFOMI # 15 STROM (Ein_klang records 047/048, Austria 2011)
Sergei Kuriohin JAPAN (SoLyd Records SLR 0283/4, Russia 2012)
David Geringas RETROSPECTIVE (Profil PH 14004, Austria 2013)

Music for Film:
1987 BLACK SQUARE by Olga Sviblova (dedicated to Kasimir Malevich), Moscow TV
1990 634 BARS OF VLADIMIR TARASOV by Vyacheslav Chekin, Moscow TV
1991 EN QUETE D’UNE FIN HEUREUSE… by Olga Sviblova, Alhenafilm, Geneva
1994 DER TROMMLER by Manfred Waffender, Tempomedia, Dusseldorf
2004 LE TEMPS DU REPLI, by Levy, Cathie. Paris: Arte France & Play Film
2006 DERNIER PAYSAGE, by Josef Nadj. Paris: Arte France
2009 17 AUGUST, by Alexander Gutman. Eudeka Media / TVP 1, Poland; Yleisradio, Finland
FLIES AND ANGELS, by Kerstin Stutterheim & Niels Bolbrinker. Hamburg, Filmtank/WDR/3sat.
Music for Theater:
1992 DON GIOVANNI, Interstudio, St. Petersburg
THE FLIES, Majestic Theater at the Brookline Academy of Music, New York
1998 LE TEMPS DU REPLI, Centre Choregraphique National Orleans, Orlean
1999 SIMPLETON, Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre, Vilnius
2001 SUNFLOWERS, Voropaev Company, Moscow
2002 AFTER MIDNIGHT, Kanizsa Circle, Yugoslavia
2003 UNE PIECE SIBYLLINE, RADIEUSE, coproduction Theatre Vidy-Lausanne,ETE – Theatre de la Ville, Paris –
Berliner Festwochen
PERSIAN, Meierhold Centre, Moscow
2004 THE LAST LANDSCAPE, Centre Choregraphique National Orleans, Orlean
2009 FLOOD (text: Frido Mann) Audiovisual Multimedia Project, Vilnius European Capital of Culture 2009

Director of the following theatre productions:
1999 DRINK UP, adapted from a poem by Venedikt Erofeev “Moscow-Petushki”, Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre, Vilnius
2002 THE RETURN OF DIONYSOS, Opera by Edwin Geist, Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre, Vilnius
2009 FLOOD (text: Frido Mann) Audiovisual Multimedia Project, Vilnius European Capital of Culture 2009



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