photography by Schwanner Endre [In: fotomuzeum]

László Fejes

Hungarian photographer

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

GSPA1974FA audio info liner_notes  1964; 1974; 1981; 1982: Hungarian Jazz History 8 – György Szabados. Famous related_items “Wedding” picture finally used for the Front Cover of the 2001 CD release.

Excerpt from the LINER NOTES of CD:

The music of our CD is based on the LP record titeled “The Wedding” witch was published in the 1970s. The title was inspired by the photo of Laszlo Fejes having the title The Wedding which – first in Hungary – won one of the first prizes of the World Press Photo in Hague in 1961. Owing to political reasons, the photographer suffered a slight for this picture in Hungary. Therefore, though the Szabados record made in 1974 could have this title, the photo was not allowed to appear on its cover, however Fejes exhibited his picture in the Art Gallery of Budapest in 1972. The inspiring photo on the cover of our CD represents a posthumous salute for the world famous Hungarian photographer. Finally, let us quote the words of George Szabados from 1988 remembering his visit at the Art Gallery exhibition where he saw the photo: “d’ it was shocking to see it, browse on it, leave it and still see it. And to see it again and again and be happy. Then never had even the copy of it in hand any more, because inspiration has occurred: the vessel of soul was filled with unearthly power not destined for its own purpose. To make itself beautiful. The music sounded inside (of me)”

Concert at Fényes Adolf terem, Budapest (HU)
Szabados György (piano)
Dresch Mihály (sax)
Vajda Sándor (bass)
Faragó Antal (drums)
  Koncert Fényes Adolf terem (Budapest)1980.08.28. – Fejes László jazz-fotó kiállítása, Film Színház Muzsika 1980.08.23

GSP1983LPB   audio info liner_notes GSP1983LPF-2   1982: Szabados – Adyton. Photographer of the picture on the backside of the LP Cover.

The picture was made in 1980, Oct. concert with Szabados Trio at the Contemporary Music Festival, Zeneakadémia (Music Academy), Budapest (HU):
  Jazz-hangverseny a Zeneakadémián – Jálics Kinga, Film Színház Muzsika 1980.11.08

Concert from 1985, 14 March, at Kassák Klub, Budapest, was dedicated to the memory of László Fejes
Musicians who contribute as known:

Szabados György – piano
Baló István – percussion
Benkő Róbert – double bass
Gonda János – piano
Bontovics Kati – vocal
Dresch Mihály – reeds
Friedrich Károly – trombone, trumpet
Kimmel László – reeds
Lőrinszky Attila – double bass
Regős István – reeds
and unknown others
news_hu  Article


Other photographs:

  Szabados György (fotó: László Fejes)


 Szabados György: A hitelesség tökéletes csendje [In: Fotó, 1988/7.  (július 1.), 292.-293.old.]
news_hu  Fejes László – a Jazz Forum fotópályázatának győztese [In: Fotó, 1988/7.  (július 1.), 296.-303.old.]

  FEJES LÁSZLÓ KIÁLLÍTÁSA [In: Film Színház Muzsika, 1984/09/15, 21.old.]
  A Fotóművész arcképe [In: Film Színház Muzsika, 1984/09/22, 18.old.]
  Szigeti Péter: László Fejes 1936 – 1985 [In: Jazz Studium no. 8, 1985/1, page 19-22]


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Podcast July 2020:

The “reporter” is Fekete-Kovács Kornél, the leader of Modern Art Orchestra, a hungarian bigband. The guest is Birtalan Zsolt photographer.
The guest talk about the Szabados LP cover and the origin photo. This picture was in the family collection of Birtalan, because his mother’s first husband was Fejes László, and his mother on the picture.

 teljes beszélgetés / whole conversation [In: Fidelio online issue 2020.07.14]
 Modern Art Orchestra
   Fekete-Kovács Kornél
  Birtalan Zsolt

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