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Hungarian Label release CDs in the “Methodical Series of the “GyörFree” Workshop Hungarian Archives of Improvisative Music”

The Győrfree music and spiritual workshop has been founded in Győr in 2000  […]. Its purpose is to changelessly maintain and to unfold that kind of Hungarian music as well as the spirituality living in this music, in whose presentation the famous jazz concerts in Győr played an important role in the eighties, and which has become a pertaining part of the cultural and music life in Hungary as well as in the international scene. The Győrfree Workshop has the ambition to become the “midwife” of the new music taking shape on the foundations of musical traditions and following the improvisational efforts of premium importance at the turn of the millennium. Its activities such as organizing tasks, creating of workshops, concert organizing and publishing of records intend to serve this purpose.” (György Szabados)

Text LINER NOTES to CD “Szabados Szextett – Axe psalm / Baltás zsoltár “ There ist he first piece of a new methodical series, initiated by the „GyörFREE“ Workshop in your hands, kind music-lover: The aim of our series is: to save, to make common property and searchable that monumental musical matter, wich has been born in Hungary during the former years from the performances, sounding events, unpublished records of improvisative (free) music, mostly surviving by private recordings. With this methodical series we wish to help the retrospection to the mentioned Hungarian musical movement – with international importance of the decades past; the spreading effect of witch we can experience now in the sounding of the contemporary Hungarian music as well. We call the world of all the compositions, formations, concerts of the given age on the basis of documents, which were judged for unfair reducing to silence by the culture-political warfare of the decades past, consequently to be conscious of these organically growing processes, living wonderfully as a diving-stream for the people of the our age has been almost impossible till now. The “GyörFREE” Workshop has been a committed supporter of the preservation and handing down of the high-class values of art, of creators and of humanity transmitted by the extatical sounding of improsisative music with its former activity and publications in the last years as well. We want to say thanks here for all the people, who recorded and preserved these unrepeatable musical moments with the technical opportunities of the given age, and put them at our disposal as the basic of our publications. GyörFREE Mühely

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

Cover_Back   audio info  2001: Győri Jazz Esték II. 2001.

  audio   Győri Jazz Karácsony – 2001.: Szabados – Németh – Babits – Nesztor (HCD – Limited Edition) 

CD Cover_Front_109   audio info  2002: Szabados György szóló – Mediawave, 2002. 

  audio info  2002: GyőrFree Jazz Esték XI. 2002.

GSA2002F   audio info  2002: Győrfree Műhely Fesztivál a MU Színházban 2002.

Györ Free   audio info  2002: Győrfree Műhely Fesztivál a MU Színházban 2002-6.

CoverFrontGyörFree2002-7   audio info  2002: Győrfree Műhely Fesztivál a MU Színházban 2002-7.

c_113-114   audio info info  2003: I. Győri Improvizatív- és Szabadzenei Fesztivál, 2003-1

braxtonszabados_front   music Braxton-Szabados-Tarasov Trió – Győrfree Műhely HCD 270/1. 

GyörFree_Magy   audio info  2004: Szabados György Magyarkanizsán, 2004.

GSPA1973F   audio info liner_notes  1973: Szabados Szextett – Baltás zsoltár (Axe Psalm)

GSA1987F   audio info liner_notes  1987: MAKUZ – Készülődés a Csatára

Cover_Front   audio info  2007: Győrfree Műhely Fesztivál a MU Színházban 2007/1

GSA2007CD2   audio info  2007: Győrfree Műhely Fesztivál a MU Színházban 2007/2

GSA2007CD3   audio info  2007: Győrfree Műhely Fesztivál a MU Színházban 2007/3

GyörFree2009   audio info   2009: Győrfree Szabadzenei Műhely a MU Színházban 2009.

2011-06-30_virrasztas-fono_program_front   audio   2011: “VIRRASZTÁS” Szabados György emlékére és tiszteletére – Győrfree Műhely

In Memoriam György Szabados CD Cover   audio info  2011: In Memoriam Szabados György

GSA2014F   audio info liner_notes  1988; 1992: Szabados György – Szabad egyensúlyok


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