TV Broadcast: Announcement for Café Budapest Contemporary Art Festival: “In Memoriam György Szabados with Erno Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra”

Introduction with György Szabados Solo performance (excerpt)  1:08
unknown place and date

Followed by discussion with the unknown female moderator and:
Horváth Csaba (artistic director of Café Budapest Contemporary Art Festival)
Hollerung Gábor (conductor of Erno Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra)
Broadcasted September or early October 2011 by TV Station: M1 élő:  8:01
Total time: 9:09

Announcement discussion about Café Budapest Contemporary Art Festival, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute, in particular the performance of Szabados Compositions  “Time Music (Idő-zene)” and “Three songs (Cantata on poems by Babits Mihály) – Három ének (kantáta Babits Mihály verseire)”

Concert later took place in Budapest 13.10.2011

Complete concert released at “Methodical Series of the “GyörFree” Workshop Hungarian Archives of Improvisative Musik” on label: Győrfree Műhely as CD: “In Memoriam Szabados György
Erno Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra
Hollerung Gábor: conductor
National Choir
Chorus master: Mátyás Antal (# 3)
Cecilia Lloyd (vocals -soprano) (# 3)

1) Introductory speech (Bevezető beszéd) 4:21
3) Time Music (Idő-zene) 16:33
2) Three songs (Cantata on poems by Babits Mihály) – Három ének (kantáta Babits Mihály verseire) 28:25
Composition: György Szabados

Total Time:  49:19

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