2021, 11th June – Fonó Budai Zeneház, Budapest: TRIBUTE TO GYÖRGY SZABADOS

Posted by Rudolf Kraus

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  Online [In: Website – Fonó Budai Zeneház]

It has been ten years since Szabados György Kossuth Award winning pianist, composer, the ‘father of Hungarian improvisational music’ passed away. A new generation of musicians has grown up. They have not had direct contact with the Master, but his work and influence are obviously palpable.

Ajtai Péter – double bass
Ávéd János – saxophone
Baranyi Bence – drums
Berta Zalán – bass guitar
Boldi Tamás – piano
Cseke Dániel – saxophone
Dóczi Bence – guitar
Gyárfás Attila – drums
Hock Ernő – double bass
Kováts Zoltán Sándor – double bass
Kováts Gergő – saxophone
Menyhért Márton – guitar
Miklós Szilveszter – drums
Pozsár Máté – piano
Szelevényi Vito – trumpet

Tickets: 1000 Ft (in advance), 1500 Ft (day of the concert)

Admission with valid ticket and health/COVID vaccination certification.
We thank you for your understanding and patience!

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