Lecture by György Szabados in Nagykanizsa on the 5th February 1974 about “Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane and Don Cherry” – English translation available the first time here

Posted by Rudolf Kraus

György Polai wrote in  2015:
Introductory words to a “discovered treasure” – György Szabados’ lecture in Nagykanizsa


I wish that the good old Tesla tape recorder was still working: I used it to record the lecture given by the composer and pianist György Szabados about the three giants of the jazz history with „C“ (O. Coleman, J. Coltrane, D. Cherry), on the 5th February 1974 in the Jazz-Club in Nagykanizsa. The recorder is not working any more, the tape has disappeared – gone by the wind…

What remains however, is this text – which I thought was lost – but thanks to my friend Gyula Halász, it reemerged a few weeks ago. He collected and kept all jazz stuff concerning Nagykanizsa for his book Jazz in Kanizsa (1995).

So the reader can read a real discovered treasure, which nobody has studied  more often and more thoroughly than I did. I recorded the lecture with the tape recorder of old times and typed the text instantly with the enthusiasm of a 17 years old with an unbelievable pleasure. When I held the text again in my hands and read it, I heard Gyuri’s voice during my reading, exactly as he presented the lecture more than 40 years ago.


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