LP: “MONTANARO – “Vents D’Est (Keleti Szél)” (1990) – second track released with Szabados solo

Posted by Rudolf Kraus

Recording Date: 1990, 3 March
Recorded live at “Almássy téri Szabadidó Központban készült” in Budapest, Hungary

This is a compilation of the project Vent’s Est:
Jazz and folk musicians play together. This production which had its premiere in Budapest in 1990, has been successfully touring Europe for nearly ten years.
This is the recording of that premiere concert wherein a select group of Hungarian musicians worked together with Montanaro.
Also performing: Márta Sebestyén, Csaba Ökrös , Ensemble Téka and Ensemble Vujicsics.

1) Vents d’Est  (Montanaro / Szabados)  5:26
2) Verdict (Montanaro)   10:04
Divagation Méditerranéenne
– Lo Bobier (Traditional – Arrangement: Ökrös Csaba)
– Targa Musicala (Montanaro – from “La Targa”)

1) Szabados György & Miquéu Montanaro Duo
Miquéu Montanaro (flute, galoubet tambourin)
Szabados György (piano)

2) Ensemble:
Ökres Csaba (violin solo)
Havasréti Pál (contrabass)
Eredics Kálmán (contrabass)
Miquéu Montanaro (flute, saxophone)
Szabados György (piano)
and perhaps:
Kardos B. Péter (drums)

audio listen two tracks (where Szabados plays): LP: “MONTANARO – Vents D’Est, Keleti Szél”