NAGYMAROS (HU) 20-25 August 2019 – 5th Adyton Free Music Workshop – Again in Hungary, Nagymaros, SIGIL Gallery and Coffee House

Posted by Rudolf Kraus


In the spirit of György Szabados

It is the fifth time that we invite you to experience the beauty and depth of free music with the assistance of authentic musicians.
Last year we offered more opportunity to practice and play music together in response to the request of our participants. We’ll do so this year as well.
A special part of our program in 2019 is a tribute to György Szabados on the occassion of the 80th anniversary of his birth.

This is the fifth year that ADYTON workshop is going to be organized. We expect the participation of those creative, courageous, engaged and sensible musicians who are interested in free music.

Look beyond your horizon and experience your borders! Give yourself thechance to develop yourself and your field of vision will broaden.

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5. Adyton „Free Music Workshop“ und Kreativ-Zusammenkunft.

Mach dich bereit, öffne dich, konzentriere dich auf andere und dich selbst, spiele frei! Inspirationen und Ausdrucksformen durch die unterstützende Kraft des Gesamtkunstwerks. Nimm am Workshop teil und gewinne Erfahrungen, vertraue dich der Führung von Musikern, Komponisten, Schöpfern schöner Kunstformen und Literatur an.

Ort:“ Sigil Cafe und Gallerie“ in Nagymaros, Ungarn Datum: 20. – 25. August 2018.

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