NAGYMAROS (HU) 21 – 27 August 2016 – Workshop in the spirit of György Szabados

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In the spirit of György Szabados

5th May, by Csaba Molnár

Our free music workshop will take place this year from 21 to 27 August 2016. The venue will again be in the much appreciated SIGIL Gallery and Café in Nagymaros, which kindly housed our first music and arts’ workshop last summer.

Many pleasant events have happened in the realm of free music during the past year. Some of them with our contribution, others luckily, happening successfully without our commitment. The paths however meet sooner or later, resulting in music, videos, concerts, recordings and meetings.


The participants of last year’s workshop are still in touch with us and with each other; they play music for themselves, with us, and with others.
One of the workshops took place during the recent MEDIAWAVE concert under the name of Grencsó Ifjúsági Szabadcsapata.

Here I quote a review:
The Hungarian jazz avant-garde’s youngest generation under the guiding of István Grencsó sprouted and burst into blossom last year. The surprising beginning of the story was that István Grencsó, the supporting pillar of avant-garde jazz has been invited for running a course of free music at the jazz chair!!! No such joyful occasion took place in the past 30-40 years. Even more surprising are the after effects: a circle consisting of 25-30 young musicians come regularly together on different occasions, and an Adyton Music Workshop evoking the spirit of György Szabados is taking shape. And more and more achievements turn up.”

I can only confirm that the circle of musicians is steadily increasing. Since summer 2015 the Adyton Gathering has been regularly organizing events, attracting a dynamically growing circle of loyal fans. A number of persons from the public have offered their varied professional help. And we gladly accept it, as in spite of two applications, we didn’t succeed in obtaining any financial support in the field “improvizative music”.
Never mind, no one may rob us of those happy and touching moments we have experienced so far. I can still see the scene after the last big concert last summer, at 3 a.m. when cars and busses loaded with people and instruments passed by us, organizers and teachers walking home, and the passengers singing, playing music and leaning out the windows waving to us enthusiastically.
So, if you would like to participate in this summer’s (not only musical) adventures, don’t hesitate and send your application. You may become the member of a free group, which may unleash the creative musician in you.

This year will be not different: the Grencsó Collective is in charge of teaching. We shall invite two more teachers: Stevan Kovács Tickmayer and Barnabás Dukay.
The painter Ákos Muzsnay will also contribute to the common work. But I cannot say more about this. The acoustic guitar artist, Sándor Szabó will pay a visit – a kind of surprise.
We shall show films important for us and for you.
Concerts will be held every evening from 7.30, with opportunities to play with the teachers and with anybody else.

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