New Book: SZABADOS – treating the lifework of the composer – Promotion of this book will be at Szabados day, 21. november 2019 in Budapest

Posted by Rudolf Kraus

The book with title: SZABADOS, will be published by the Hungarian Art Academy.

Translated part from Noglik’s Klangspuren.
Nemanja Sovtić (Serbia), Ákos Windháger (Budapest), Máté Pozsár (Budapest), Károly Binder (Budapest) write about Szabados some analitic publications, and by end of book there will be three essay about A kormányzó halála (La Mort d’Empereur) (Gyula Kodolányi, György Szabados and Zoltán Bicskei).

This is a first complete book, where some parts of Szabados’s opus is analyzed professionally.
Promotion of this book will be at
Szabados day.


Book Cover:


Thursday, November 21, 2019, between 4-5.15 p.m.
Location: Seat of the Hungarian Art Academy, Andrássy út 101, Lecture room (Free entry. Registration, just from 15th October [During the registration it is necessary to specify which event you are applying for.]:

Book presentation: treating the lifework of the composer


Zoltán Bicskei (Serbia), redactor, MMA member

Gergely Fejérvári, coredactor, MMA publisher

Contributors the book’s authors:

Dr. Bert Noglik (Germany), Music historian

Nemanja Sovtić (Serbia), Author in music theory

Ákos Windháger (Budapest), Author in music theory

Máté Pozsár (Budapest), Pianist, composer

Károly Binder (Budapest), Composer, pianist

Gyula Kodolányi (Budapest), poet, writer, MMA member

+ in between: excerpts from the opera The Governor’s Death

Simultaneous translation into German and Serbian