Club for the Avant-garde

University clubs often provide fertile ground for new developments in jazz. The jazz club of the Economics University is one which, in this experimental tradition, offers a well-rounded program of avant-garde jazz. Leading Hungarian performers of the genre are regularly featured in Saturday evening programs which have included György Szabados, The Dresch Quartet, the Grencsó Kollektíva, Károly Binder, and Attila Lőrinszky.

In addition to local musicians, the organizers occasionally invite musicians from abroad. As a result, the club’s small but enthusiastic audience has met many personalities from the East German jazz scene, E. L. Petrowsky, Conny Bauer, Uwe Kropinsky, Ulrich Gumpert, Hannes Zerbe, Günter Sommer, Klaus Koch, Manfred Hering, and Joe Sachse among them. Appearances were also made by Elliott Sharp and The Carbon (USA), the Peter Brötzmann-Phil Minton duo (West Germany and England), Jiri Stivin (Czechoslovakia), and Leonid Chizhik (SU). This falil the Steve Lacy-Steve Potts duo and the Ganelin Trio were the most prominent guest stars in the jazz club which earned the reputation as the capitol’s center of avant-garde.


(Jazz Forum, 1986/6)

Turi Gábor – Jazz Forum published 1986/6