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GYORGY SZABADOS – Derenge/Dawn (Slam 565; UK)
Compositions of Compositions of Gyorgy Szabados played by The Grencso Open Collective.
István Grencso reeds, Mate Pozsar piano, Robert Benko bass, Szilveszter Miklos pcn. With Guests Szilard Mezei, Adam Meggtes, Abel Fazekas and Gergo Kovas.

Throughout the 1980’s I played extensively in Hungary for the National Radio and many jazz festivals; one of my outstanding memories is the excitement of hearing the groups of Gyorgy Szabados live in concert and at festivals. Like Bartók before him, but following a different strain, Szabados’ work is much influenced by Hungarian folk music and has found its own recognized place in the culture of that country.

Review by George Haslam
2 CD Set $14