Group 180 [180-as csoport]

was a Hungarian ensemble dedicated to the performance of new music, active from 1978 until 1990. The group achieved recognition for their performances and recordings of contemporary music in the minimal style. Group 180’s membership included several young Hungarian composers (among them László Melis and Tibor Szemző), whose works formed an important part of the ensemble’s repertoire. This brought the group prominence as one of the preeminent European new music ensembles, and brought international attention to the emerging trend of Hungarian minimalism.

In addition to works by Hungarian composers, Group 180 also performed works by minimal composers from other nations, such as Philip GlassRoberto CarnevaleSteve Reich and Frederic Rzewski.

Group 180 released several recordings on the Hungaroton label.

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

Member of

Participate on concert 20th April 1982:
19 musicians playing compostion of Frederick Rzewski: Les moutons de Panurge (Panurge juhai)
Frederic Rzewski
  Composition: Les Moutons de Panurge, for any number of melody instruments, 1968
Group 180 (180-as csoport)
László Sáry (piano)
László Vidovszky (piano)
György Selmeczi (piano)
István Mártha (piano)

András Wilheim (piano)
Barnabás Dukay (piano)
László Jeney (piano)
György Szabados (piano)

  Kenessei András: Kortárs komoly zenei sorozat – Most, mindenki, együtt [In: Magyar Hírlap, 1982, 1 May, page 8]



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emutatjuk a 180-as csoportot [In: Veszprémi Napló, 1983. január 8., 8.old.]

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