Németh Ferenc 

German Saxophonist & Vocalist, Composer and music teacher

was born 4. May 1957 to Hungarian parents in Cologne.
Already from the age of 3 he began under the guidance of his father to play the piano. Due to his blindness from birth, he attended the school for the blind in Düren.
Recognized here and promoted to his superior musical talents. In addition to vocal training and singing in a choir, he received already with ten years clarinet lessons at music director Wilhelm Heinrichs, Düren.
His professional training completed Németh Ferenc at Robert Schumann Institute in Dusseldorf, graduating with a “music teacher”.

Involved in György Szabados "Body of Work":

Member of

  2001: Szabados György – Németh Ferenc – Babits Antal – Nesztor Iván Quartet

  audio   Győri Jazz Karácsony – 2001.: Szabados – Németh – Babits – Nesztor (HCD – Limited Edition)




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