released as “KISÖRSPUSZTA 87” on “MEDIAWAVE Regional Film und TV Archives“

35 min. 1987 VHS, color, with words, Hungarian

Director: HARTYÁNDI Jenő
Distributor: MEDIAWAVE Foundation
Producer: Gyori Amateur Film Studio
Photography: HARTYÁNDI Jenő
Music: DRESCH Mihály, SZABADOS György, KIMMEL “Apó” László
Editor: HARTYÁNDI Jenő

Info to this Documentary:
An attempt to establish a community in Kisörspuszta (a village close to the Balaton) started 15 years ago. There were problems, people around, music, happening, local olympics. Is it a community? Is it a legend? Maybe it is not important. It was the first version of the film; a second version followed in 1992 which was more informative and comprehensive, and made on relatively good quality video with under better editing technique.

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