Jelenés (Revelation)


Szabados writes on LINER NOTES CD: “Revelation / Jelenés – György Szabados / Roscoe Mitchell (1996)

“…. and then specially for this double pur­pose event, I was able to write “Jelenés” (Revelation) wondering: What will this musi­cian from afar think, if he meets the unans­werable fears of our fates? The archaic text for “Jelenés”, I found in Sándor Sík‘s drama “István király”. Following my first intuition, I put the final verse at the end of the piece, then I com­posed an appropriately archaic sounding melody for it. The theme and the finished piece didn’t surprise Makuz’s extraordinary musicians, as this may as well be their musical native tongue. And then with Roscoe’s stirring “chanted” solo; like a cry straight from upward looking middle ages, as if right now he were “howling” from there, and alive in that time; about things we no longer have in our memo­ries.”

Concert Recording Date: October 7, 1996
Recorded live at: Thália Theater, Budapest
MAKUZ with Roscoe Mitchell
Roscoe Mitchell (as)
György Szabados (piano, chanting, leader)
Dresch Mihály “Dudas”  (ts, ss, b-cl)
Kovács Ferenc (tp, violin)
Benkő Róbert (conta bass)
Baló István (dr, perc.)
Gerőly Tamás (dr, perc.)

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perhaps 1995 or 1996


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