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Recording Date: likely 12.04.1973 (on CD Cover wrongly mention November 1973)
Recorded at: University Stage, Budapest

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2002  [excerpt] Jeli Ferenc 2002 Movie: Szép halál volt

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GyőrFree Műhely (Hungary) HCD 346


GSPA1973F   audio info liner_notes  1973: Szabados Szextett – Baltás zsoltár (Axe Psalm)

Recording Date: November 1973
Recorded at: University Stage, Budapest / Time: 19:59

  Szabados György Sextet

Szabados György (voc, piano)
  Ráduly Mihály (ss, ts, fl)
  Kimmel “Apó” László (ts, fl)
  Vajda Sándor (bass)
  Jávori Vilmos (dr)
  Kathy Horváth Lajos jr. (violin)


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#1:  19:59 &
#2:  19:11 &
#3:  20:19

Recording Date: April 12, 1973
Recording at University Stage, Budapest (HU)

György Szabados Sextet:
Szabados György – vocal, piano
Ráduly Mihály – soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, furulya
Kimmel „Apó” László – tenor saxophone, furulya
Vajda Sándor – bass
Jávori Vilmos – drums
Kathy-Horváth Lajos – violin

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