22.10.2014: György Szabados evening about “The Secret History of the Events” / “Az események titkos története”, Budapest (HU)

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October 22, 2014, Heritage House
1011 Budapest, Corvin tér 8th


Film screening
György Szabados: The Secret History of events – concerts with Hungarian subtitles (premiere)

Concert: Grencsó collective plays works of György Szabados
The band members:
Grencsó István
Benkő Róbert
Szilveszter Miklós
Pozsár Máté

Guest: Dresch Mihály 

Halmos Bela room
Talk of the Kossuth Prize Szabados Gyorgy, who would be 75 years old this year, and about his work entitled “The Secret History of events“.
Participants: Szabados György bandmates, former friends
Also: photos from Szabados György by Grencsó István
The opening ceremony and the introductory conversation led by Balázs Attila (writer)

The evening under the patronage of: Szabados Judit 
Supported by the National Cultural Fund

Free admission.

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