We introduce a new video on our website in memory of the 6th anniversary of the death of György Szabados: “The Secret History of the Events” – Live at MU Theater, Budapest – GyőrFree Workshop Festival, 2007, 06 Sept. 

Posted by Rudolf Kraus
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Time: 36:50

Recording Date: September 6, 2007
Recorded at: Budapest Autumn Festival, Mu Theatre – GyőrFree Workshop Festival

Szabados György (prepared piano)
„Kobzos” Kiss Tamás (vocal)
Grencsó István (flute, bass clarinet, furulya)
Vaskó Zsolt – (flute, bass clarinet, furulya)

Az események titkos története (The Secret History of the Events)
1. Part 1  6:38
2. Part 2  4:23
3. Part 3  5:06
4. Part 4  4:56
5. Part 5  3:06
6. Part 6  7:20
7. Part 7  0:43
8. Part 8  3:37
Composition: Szabados György


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