Eastern surprise: Presentation of three videos from the Novy Sad TV archives. Our website has obtained the exclusive right for streaming.

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György Szabados & Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer Duo –  October 14, 1988, at the X. Jazz Days in Novi Sad (Újvidék), Yugoslavia

Time total: 57:51

Track listing
1. Hu Yu  [Szabados – Tickmeyer Improvisation]   46:12
2. Profán zene (Profane music)   8:25

Szabados György – piano
Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer – piano

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audio info  Szabados & Tickmayer – Újvidék, 1988.
news_hunews_genews_en  TV interview after the concert (Újvidéki TV)
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György Szabados & MAKUZ with Johannes Bauer – Magyarkanizsa Jazz Festival, Sept. 15, 1995

Time: 1.23:59

Track listing
1) Toj-toj (Toi toi toi)   29:43
2) Bú-tup (Heart-Beat)   7:46
3) Beavatás (Initiation)   29:26
4) Regölés (Winter folk ritual)  21:17

György Szabados & MAKUZ with Johannes Bauer
Szabados György (p, conductor)
Johannes Bauer (tb)
Dresch Mihály (reeds)
Vaskó Zsolt (reeds)
Mákó Miklós (tp)
Kovács Ferenc (trumpet, violin)
Benkő Róbert (double bass)
Geröly Tamás (dr, perc.)
Baló István (dr, perc.)

During their long friendship, Johannes Bauer used to play several times in György Szabados’ orchestra, MAKUZ.
They perfectly understood each other’s musical concepts and looked for opportunities to play together.

music  Audio recording
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  Jazz and Improvised Music Festival, Kanjiža – (Festivals)
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movie_hu   György Szabados & MAKUZ with Johannes Bauer – Live at Kamaraerdő Jazz Festival, Budapest (HU) 15.07.1989
movie_hu   György Szabados & MAKUZ with Johannes Bauer – Live at Debrecen Jazz Days 2003, Debrecen (HU) 28.09.2003

audio info liner_notes GSP1985LPF   1985: A szarvassá vált fiak (The Sons Turned into Stags)
audio info   1989: MAKUZ with Johannes Bauer – Live at Kamaraerdő Jazz Festival, Budapest (HU) 15.07.1989  

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Szabados György & Mezei Szilárd Duo – in the Art House in Magyarkanizsa, 2003, 11 April

Time total: 66:33

Track listing
1. A csendek végén (At the end of silences)  [Szabados – Mezei Improvisation] 51:54
2. Lekvárfőzés-álom (Jam-making dream) 4:15
3. Giusto 10:01

Szabados György – piano
Mezei Szilárd – viola

 info  Audience recording
  Mezei Szilárd
news_en  Homepage
news_hu  Publicity for the concert
news_hu  Poster of the performance
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