Hungary-icon  Halott-táncoltatás

United-Kingdom-icon  Dead-Turning *

Germany-icon  Tanz zum Erwecken eines Toten

*A mű címét az eredeti lemez vagy CD borítóján hibásan fordították.
*The title as written on the record’s or CD’s cover is a faulty translation.
*Komposition wurde auf Original LP oder CD Cover fehlerhaft übersetzt

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Recording Date: June 29, 1984
Recorded at: Studio of the Hungarian Radio, Budapest (HU)

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Hungaroton/Krém (Hungary) (LP No. SLPX 17909)


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GSPA1985F  audio info liner_notes 1984: Szabraxtondos


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#1:  14:26
Recording Date:   29.Juni 1984

Recorded: Studio of the Hungarian Radio, Budapest

György Szabados & Anthony Braxton Duo
György Szabados (piano)
Anthony Braxton (ss, as,cl)

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#2: 22:15
Recording Date: 9 – 11 April, 2015
Recorded: Budapest (HU)

Grencsó István – soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, pipe
Pozsár Máté – piano
Benkő Róbert – double bass
Miklós Szilveszter – drums, percussion

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