related_items  Idő-zene (Time-Music)


1986 & 1989 String Musicians:

  • Szabados György (conductor) 

  • related_items  Kovács Ferenc 

  • related_items  Benkő Róbert 

  • related_items  Tréfás István 

  • related_items  Lőrinszky Attila 

  • related_items  Kiss Gábor 

  • related_items  Györei Ildikó 

  • related_items  Horváth Péter 

  • plus unknown Musicians

related_items  1997: Academy Soloists Chamber Orchestra:

  • György Szabados (Musical director)

  •   Kovács Ferenc – concert master

  • related_items  Szabó Gábor

  • related_items  Csonka Gábor

  • related_items  Kovács Anikó

  • related_items  Vince Zsuzsa

  • related_items  Uhrin Viktor

  • related_items  Zámbó Judit

  • related_items  Zakar Katalin

  • related_items  Túri Éva

  • related_items  Nagymengyi Dóra

  • related_items  Raincsák István

  • related_items  Jávorka Jutas

  • related_items  Polonyi István

  • related_items  Oláh Miklós

  • related_items  Nagy Ágnes

  • related_items  Lantos Szilvia

  • related_items  Buza Vilmos

  • related_items  Benkő Róbert

  • related_items  Patay Lóránt

related_items  2011: Erno Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra (Budafoki Dohnányi Zenekar)

  • related_items  Hollerung Gábor (conductor)

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György Szabados: Time-Music (Idő-zene) & Bartók Béla: Divertimento & Román népi táncok (Rumanian Folk Dances) (1997) – Fonó Records FA-034-2

audio info liner_notes GSA1997F


Release Date: 1997 Recording Date:   7 – 13. June 1997 Recorded at:  Studio of Fonó Music Hall, Budapest, Hungary

1) Idő-zene (Time-Music)   19:32

The Academy Soloists Chamber Orchestra Szabados György (musical director) Kovács Ferenc (concert master) Szabó Gábor (I. violin) Csonka Gábor (I. violin) Kovács Anikó (I. violin) Vince Zsuzsa (I. violin) Uhrin Viktor (I. violin) Zámbó Judit (II. violin) Zakar Katalin (II. violin) Túri Éva (II. violin) Nagymengyi Dóra (II. violin) Raincsák István (viola) Jávorka Jutas (viola) Polonyi István (viola) Oláh Miklós (cello) Nagy Ágnes (cello) Lantos Szilvia (cello) Buza Vilmos (double bass) Benkő Róbert (double bass) Patay Lóránt (double bass)

In Memoriam Szabados György – Live album by Erno Dohnanyi Symphony Orchestra (2011) – GyörFree Mühely CD

audio info In Memoriam György Szabados CD Cover


Release Date: 2011 Recording Date:  13. October 2011 Recorded at: Café Budapest Contemporary Art Festival, orgenized by the Italian Cultural Institute

Erno Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra Hollerung Gábor: conductor National Choir Chorus master: Mátyás Antal (# 2) Cecilia Lloyd (vocals -soprano) (# 2)

LINER NOTES: Time-Music (Idő-zene):

I wrote Time-Music in the fall of 1980, making some minor changes on it in 81 and 85.

The music known today as repetitive, confronted repetition, with repeating elementary figures. The occurance of rep­etition – as opposed to what others composers did – here is not merely a mechanic monotone, instead I approach it in its entirety. A continuous sound is, in actuality, repetition, other rhytms can exist beyond the fixed and double ones. That’s why the rubato appears in this piece, at times stair-like, as well as the live dynamic progression repeating itself – ad absurdum. And it repeats (in form) because the alter­nating line of tighter and looser parts, at times the tightness, other times, the looseness giving the most extreme momentum towards experience.

Like the drama of the world. At the time I felt that the situa­tion was totally hopeless, in the world, in Hungary and my own as well. Strenght and unity, spirit and movement, life and collapse, the failure of the cul­tures, or survival – I was deeply involved in these questions. I remember realizing again that rythm is the foundation of life and music, and its true all the way from the atom to dance. Rythm like the world pulse, live network, the woven energy we are all tied into. I admit that there isn’t a lot of pleasure reaped from this music, but it isn’t without strength. Which, after all is important.

                                                                       György Szabados (1987)



known live performances:

Performance Date




1986, 22 Mar.

1st performance of composition: “Time-Music (Idö-zene)” at Academy of Music, Budapest (HU) plus Composition “Periférikuz koncert” for Strings, Piano & Reeds

Szabados György (piano, leader) with Classical String Orchestra plus Members of MAKUZ Orchestra
Szabados György (conductor, prepared piano, piano)
Tréfás István (violin)
Györei Ildikó (violin)
Kovács Ferenc (violin, trumpet)
Horváth Péter (cello)
Benkő Róbert (double bass)
Lőrinszky Attila (double bass)
Kiss Gábor (double bass)
Dresch Mihály (soprano saxophone)
Grencsó István (alto saxophone)
Mákó Miklós (trumpet)
Baló István (drums, percussion)
Geröly Tamás (drums, percussion)
plus 6 unknown musicians

audio info  Audience recording

movie  Audience video recording

1989, 21 Mar.

performance of composition: “Time-Music (Idö-zene)” at Pesti Vigadó, Budapest (HU)

Szabados György (leader) with Classical String Orchestra plus Members of MAKUZ Orchestra
Szabados György (conductor)
other Musicians unknown